Off to Kenya in 6 days…..


 We had an incredible time on our road trip the past month.  We left on November 3rd and traveled all the way up to New York and back, visiting family and friends from college.  Many people also made commitments to support us, praise God!  We spent all of Thanksgiving week with my family in Pensacola and made it back to West Palm last night. It was a long trip…but a great one! God has been blessing and providing for us all along!

We now have 6 days to finish up our last minute errands and packing. 

We are thrilled to start our adventure that God has been planning for us for so long now!

Here are some pictures from our trip:

Meeting with the Ackerman's

Visiting in Atlanta with Andrew's cousins (minus Claire, she was at school)

Visiting with Adam and Danielle


Our dear friends Ben and Mistie in Boston

My bestie Kara-Leigh and I

Mandy and Andrew in NYC

We LOVED seeing the McAnulty family!

What a blessing they are to us!


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