We made it…..

Our flight was great.  It left at 5:10pm on Monday.  We got to the airport at 2pm, and made it through security with almost no hassle at all. 

Andrew told me that in order to do best with jet-lag, we should sleep on the first plane (Miami to London), and stay awake on the second plane (London to Nairobi).  No matter how much I knew that was true, my body did not agree with it.  I did the complete opposite.  🙂

We arrived in Nairobi about 9:45pm Tuesday night.  It took about an hour to purchase our visas and find our luggage.  Since we had 8 bags, I was slightly questioning whether we would receive them all at once. But we did…praise God!  The Daniel’s met us at the airport to pick us up.  We got back to their apartment around 11pm.

Andrew and I both slept through the night.  I woke up at about 8:30am wide awake, but I had to wake Andrew up at 11:15 so we could go into town.  We went and had lunch at a mall food court, and I did some grocery shopping with Mrs. Daniels at the local Nakumat.  That is their equivalent to the US Wal-Mart.  You can buy just about anything there!

After lunch the Daniel’s dropped us off at the Yaya Center shopping area, which is similar to another mall.  We were able to walk around and explore the city.  We walked back to the apartment from Yaya, which is about a 3 mile hike.  It was nice for us to get out and be in the sun. 

Pastor Daniels took us to the roof of their apartment, where they have a great view of downtown Nairobi.  It is absolutely beautiful.  I love this place already. 

Our first day in Kenya was nice and relaxing.  The Daniel’s wanted us to take it easy because they understand the importance of getting over jet-lag quickly.  We had plenty of time to take it easy…hence me writing a blog on the first day 🙂


View of downtown Nairobi from the roof


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