A Village Experience

We traveled to Laisamis this past weekend to visit a village of new believers and check up on some orphans that are living there. 

It was my first time ever going to a remote village.  It was really an incredible experience. I am still processing my thoughts on it all. 

To be honest, my thoughts on the first day were very negative.  Immediately I was worrying about safety, internally complaining about the heat, feeling dirty, and wishing to be back in Nanyuki. 

But the Lord really worked in my heart in those 48 hours. 

By the last day, I wanted to stay longer.  I had gotten to know the people in the village, and especially the kids, and I wanted to sit with them under the tree for just a few hours longer.

The village is about 200 people in number.  They are from the Rendile tribe.


The gospel was first brought to them February 2010, which is when many of the people converted.  They do not have a pastor in the village, so there have been people in our ministry who travel up every month to preach to the village.  Not having a full time pastor has not allowed them to grow like they could be.  There is only 1 Bible in the entire village, and most of the adults cannot even read. 


We are praying that the Lord will provide a person who can work full-time with these people and disciple them in their faith.

Our weekend schedule allowed us to spend a lot of time with the village people. We went early Saturday morning and had some time of teaching.  Pastor Kalasinga preached on Jesus and the cross, and then Andrew preached about creation leading up to the cross.  We sang lots of songs too (none of which were in English, but it was still fun)! 


Saturday afternoon we left to go eat lunch and rest.  The afternoons are so hot there that almost no one works, they relax until evening (it got up to about 108 degrees).  We went back at 5 and the people butchered a goat in honor of us being there.  We were able to see the goat be killed, and then watch it cook over a fire for us to eat.  I have to say, this was a first time experience for me, and I would not mind too much if I don’t ever see it again.  🙂  But I did enjoy it, and knew that it was a special thing they were doing for us. 

P1080069 P1080068

This is the least-gruesome picture of the goat killing that we have. And that is my reaction while watching the goat being killed. Haha I tried my best to look normal (And yes, those guys beside me are laughing at me).

Sunday morning we went for the church service.  They start church by 8 am because if they wait much longer it gets too hot.  We sang songs and Andrew preached.  Church is held under a big tree right outside their village.  That is where we met each time we were there.  They have no church building, but are completely satisfied with sitting under the shade of a tree worshiping our Creator.




We are getting more connected with them: praying for a pastor, working on setting up a source of income for the people, finding teachers for the kids, and more. 

We don’t want to change the cultural aspects of their lives, but we are praying that the Lord will provide so they can have enough food to eat and they can provide for their families.  Please pray with us!!



Here is a video of the kids singing worship songs.  Precious.



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6 responses to “A Village Experience

  1. Jessica

    this is wonderful, abby. (:

  2. MJ

    This is simply beautiful. That video of those kids nearly made me cry. So precious!

  3. Those kids are so beautiful. I’m glad to hear of all the progress and I’m right beside you all in prayer for their (future) pastor!

  4. a2africa27

    Thanks everyone for the prayers and encouraging comments. It is for times like these that we live in Kenya. We praise God for all that he has blessed us with and for the ability to share it with others 🙂

  5. Hart Hogan

    How great Abby! Thanks so much for sharing this. I was deeply moved by the video of all the kids singing, really cool. (BTW, you did good with the goat…) Blessings.

  6. Sherry Daniels

    Wonderful blog entries! Love the children in Laisomas singing worship songs!!!!! What a trip that was, we’re so thankful for you and Andrew ministering to those people who are so far away and in such a harsh climate!!! Praying for Andrew as he is there again this weekend!!!

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