The Durham’s came to Kenya!

The past two weeks were filled with lots of…..

travelling, chocolate, hot water bottles, ice cream, baking, beautiful Kenyan landscapes, family bonding time, pictures, eating, laughter, jet lag, walking (crutching on my part), Pioneer Woman, markets, more eating, orphanages, animals, sightseeing, and much more!

We had an amazing time with my parents in Kenya!

Seriously, I don’t think anything could have made it better.  Their visit was two weeks long, and I really don’t think we had one spare second.  We stayed so busy!



Here are a few highlights from the trip:

Markets—We took them to produce markets, a clothes market, and best of all the Massai market.  They found some great souvenirs!

Samburu Game Lodge—We stayed at this amazing resort a few hours north of us.  24 hours of game driving, fine dining, and relaxing at a nice lodge with crocs right below us.


Hippo Lake—We took a boat ride and saw tons of hippos! Kind of scary but totally worth it!


Time in Nanyuki—The majority of the trip my parents stayed with us in our home in Nanyuki. This was probably my favorite because they got to see what our daily life is like. We took them to the morning devotions with the teachers, to both of our orphanages, and into town several times.   My dad was able to join Andrew in various activities in our ministry and my mom learned what cooking is like overseas.   Smile 

P1100401                          My mom feeding the community kids at the orphanage.

P1100382            Dad at Isiolo with Andrew. The kids loved his camera!

P1100412               She fit right in!

My mom told Andrew before she came,

“Andrew, I am sorry, but you are going to lose your wife for 2 weeks.”

And she was right!  I treasure every moment that I was able to spend with my mom and dad, and we really did spend almost every moment together!

I think Andrew was ready to have me back Winking smile

On another note, I got my cast off! Praise God.  Seriously, I have never been so thankful for 2 working feet.  I never want to take that for granted again.  Please pray with us that my foot will heal completely.  It is still very painful to walk and we are praying there are no lasting effects.


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One response to “The Durham’s came to Kenya!

  1. Sherry Daniels

    Abby, we are so thrilled with the great times you were able to spend with your parents!! What precious memories you’ve made. Sure hope they will come again.
    So glad to hear that your cast is off!!! Please be really careful and don’t overdo it! Take it easy for a while so it will be completely healed and ready for your active life. Love you!!

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